I do we do  you do

Education in the early years is vitally important for the children to acquire basic skills. It is important that foundations are laid on which future learning can take place. If children are well motivated, enthusiastic interested and happy then they learn more effectively. We aim to develop these skills in a creative, imaginative and original way through milestone programme which is transacted through I DO WE DO  YOU DO methodology.

In which I do, the teacher demonstrates or explains. In we do, the teacher assists the students in the understanding the concept and doing exercise. In you do, the teacher given opportunity to the students to attempt independently.

In key stage one and two the National Curriculum is followed

School Timing

Winter : 9:00am to 3:00pm

Summer : 8:30am to 2:30 pm


Winter Vacations- 25th December to 1st January

Summer Vacations – 6th Juneto 6thJuly


Periodic Test- July End
Half Yearly Examination – September
Periodic Test 2- November
Yearly Examination – February/March

Assessment – Examination and Promotion

  • 2 periodic tests and two Summative Assessments will be conducted through the year.
  • Pupils absent for examination without a grave reason will be marked absent.
  • Pupils absent for any particular subject in an examination will not be re-examined.
  • Students found copying or using unfair means during test/examination or discovered subsequently will be dealt with severely.
  • All promotions and detentions are decided only after careful consideration of all aspects of the pupil’s progress. Hence the decision of the Principal in this regards is final and binding.
  • An application for the verification of marks,in special cases, may be considered at the discretion of the Principal. Final exam answer papers will not be shown under any circumstances.
  • 33%of marks shall be required to pass in each subject.
  • Students who remain absent on medical grounds will have to produce a medical certificate